'It is a real pleasure to give Julian Paul Anderson my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to sell or purchase a stringed instrument. In all my dealings with him he has been a consummate professional and displayed a true knowledge and passion, as well as an integrity all too rare in his profession'.  Nikolaj Znaider

'Mr. Anderson fully understands the complexities of dealing in fine violins. His in-depth knowledge, being a player and maker, gave me a lot of confidence. For me he ticks all the boxes'.  Sir Michael Hill

'It was a pleasure to make our acquintance with Julian Paul Anderson. His advice was excellent and second to none, in putting together our important collection of fine violins and bows. Mr. Anderson looks after our instruments regularly and in a highly-professional manner'.  Tannberg Privatstiftung. Austria.

'I have a tireless passion for violin bows and subsequently informed Mr. Anderson that should he find an irresistible example by a great french master then I would consider. It took some time but Mr. Anderson made my dream come true! If it wasn't for him I would, still to this day, be only imagining playing on the wonderful bow I acquired. Thank you so much, Julian!'  Mag. Wilfried Hedenborg. Vienna Philharmonic

+++ NEWS +++ Strad.biz has acquired an exhibition space in The Palais Harrach, Vienna.

The Michael Hill International Violin Competition

Julian Paul Anderson will give a lecture on the life and works of Antonio Stradivari on 3rd June at this year's Michael Hill International Violin Competition. Strad.biz will sponsor this year's Chamber Music prize.

Neustein Cultural Society, Salzburg

Julian Paul Anderson has been appointed Chairman of the Artistic Advisory Board to the Neustein Cultural Society, Salzburg - www.kulturverein-neustein.at